Wednesday 17 June 2009

Jason Feddy at the Blues Cafe Bar in Harrogate

Eve and I sat watching the small stage as the bands prepared their instruments, behind through the window was a perfect backdrop of silhouetted green trees in the low light freshened by the evening rain .
We had been invited by our friends Gerald and Christine to listen to Jason Feddy singer songwriter.
The Blues Cafe Bar neon lights, wooden floor, tucked away bar and friendly chatter. It's walls adorned with the pictures of blues performers, and drum sticks scarred from their percussive action. The mood evocative and relaxed and Jason wonderfully full and resonant in voice accompanied in lead guitar by Richard Huxley, foot pedals galore, rhythm and passion warmed the audience who whooped with delight. A blend of melody and harmony with subtle dynamics in their interplay of guitars. Jason's infectious smile and energised stamping, jumping, bodyswaying and relaxed laid back easy style built a true rapport with his audience.
Visit Jason's MySpace Page
Eve and I had a great night the Blues Cafe Bar in Harrogate, it's a lovely friendly music haunt and a must visit place for any lovers of live music.
Andrew and Eve.