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Atomic Blondie - Review - The New Roscoe, Leeds – 11th April 2013

by Natalie D Kershaw

I’m never too sure about tribute bands and cover songs as I’ve seen and heard some questionable ones in my time. However, Atomic Blondie has completely changed my mind about them. They were fantastic and electrifying and you may very well have been at a real Blondie gig.

Lisa Marie Bisset is the gorgeous Debz Harrie who sings, looks and moves just like Debbie Harry – absolutely spell-binding and a pleasure to watch.

Derek Bisset on drums gives all the songs that constant driving beat that Blondie is so well known for and it was a joy and so much fun to dance to!

Paul Guy is on bass guitar, Aiden Bradley is on keyboards and Aled Williams is on electric guitar and together they create those fantastic harmonies and songs we all love and add their own riffs that show just how good they all are as musicians.

They have all clearly worked hard on their art and it shows in their playing and experience.

They travel the UK and were on their way to Scotland. So, the next time they are in Yorkshire, they are a must see if you like good music, dancing and just having a good time!
And lucky you they're coming back to Yorkshire on Sunday 26th
May at Fibbers in York.  Dire Straits tribute band are playing so a two for one!! Tickets>



The Hollow- Review Monday August 26th 2012

With comfy chairs and salubrious bar, there's a certain easiness about the Jaz Cafe & Bar that makes listening to music so delightful.

Abo Vo
Rob Bywater from Cleethorpes singer songwriter, honest,melodic, harmonic, personal songs. Very enjoyable rhythmic and melodic runs on guitar. An authentic voice of pure Yorkshire with hints of resonant harmonics that hang like jewels of hidden nuance paralleling the lyrics of his songs. Also lead singer in the band The Finest Hour music .com

Next was Mark Martindale singer songwriter, individual rough and ready emphasised voice very laid back. Strong guitaring.

Next was Michael Farrah with a lovely range and deep resonant voice- comedic singer guitarist who you can find on MySpace and Tune co.

Then we were treated to Tom Stafford, from Brough who sang lovely songs particularly liked his version of dancing in the Moonlight, singer guitarist voice smooth with a touch of gravel

The band Abo Vo clear voice, good range resonant, rhythmic guitaring, lovely acoustic bass
interplay with improvisational feel, electric funk guitar, sweet lead playing and sparse jazzy keyboard riffs. Voice pure bell like with a drop of depth and resonance. Full on genre defying funky jazz rock.- Brill. 
Adam Davison singer songwriter guitarist from Cottingham. Powerfully resonant voice, good range lovely guitaring, picking riffs and rhythmic interplay,

ET 73 band, anthemic, sweet, resonant melodic voice harmonies; voice with edge, the other softer in harmonies.  Driving Cajun, rhythmic guitar, Rocking energetic and committed, relaxed and conversational with their audience.

Icarus, full on rock, covers of Thin Lizzy, David Bowie, Jimmy Hendrix, electric guitars, Bass, drums, strong vocals, raw beats galore.

......and of course wonderful sound management by Darren Bunting, we enjoyed our trip to Hull's 'The Hollow' acoustic night.

By Andrew Sugden
Yorkshire Gig Guide

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