Wednesday 31 August 2011

360 Club Fri 2nd Sept The Library pub Leeds

360 Club
Fri 2nd Sept
The Library pub (upstairs)
Woodhouse Lane - LS2 3AP
Doors - 8pm - 11.30pm

ID may be required if you look younger than 25.


Juno are a highly dynamic punk rock band. Currently the band are expanding
their set list with their new lineup before taking their righful place back
onto the Leeds live circuit with the one and only target of putting on a
great show everytime they step on any stage small or big!
As a 3 piece Juno took the Leeds gig scene by surprise to quickly become one
of the most popular Punk Rock bands on the circuit. Juno quicly released the
3 track E.P "We are Juno" of which given 3 out of 5 by Punk webiste

review by punktastic of We are Juno
The Reign:

'The Reign blasted through tracks (such as my personal favorite "Fighter")
with all the ease and confidence you would expect from a more established
band. Organizer (and British Daylight member) Mikey Sibson poetically dubbed
them "fucking brilliant" after their set and I really think it's impossible
to argue with his assessment' -

from their ep :

” ’Take It or Leave It’ clearly ambitious songwriting in place and no
shortage of shining, grandiose and euphonious moments. The Reign have
deserved the title of "ones to watch" on the northern scene. Keep an eye on
them” -
The Arrogance of King Canute:

The four members of 'The Arrogance of King Canute' bring together a mixture
of musical influences resulting in a vibrant and unique sound. With
sentiments of garage rock,indie and pop, 'King Canute' have brought back a
forgotten approach to song-writing combined with fresh new elements to the
local circuit. Frenetic bass lines, melodic guitars, steady beats, catchy
sax riffs, and laid back vocals is what you should come to expect from a
band who pride themselves on a genuine passion for making music, that you
won't soon forget!
Elliott Morris:

is building a reputation as one of the most sought-after artists on the
acoustic scene. One of his first public shows was supporting Erik Mongrain,
and has shared the bill with Andy McKee, Frank Turner, Seth Lakeman,
Philadelphia soul group The Stylistics and revered folk veterans Martin
Carthy and Dave Swarbrick. In April 2011, Elliott released 'Spend Some
Time', a collaborative single with friends Dancing Lotus, which topped the
iTunes singer/songwriter chart. In July, Elliott's new EP 'Something Like
This' reached number 11 on the iTunes singer/songwriter album chart. This
summer he has also played at Cambridge Folk Festival, Summer Sundae, Y Not
and SO Festival.
Jack, and Gill's Daughter:

create an acoustic fusion of incredible percussive picking and soul
influenced vocals.

“Awesomely wonderful Leeds duo: would wipe the floor with most of stuff on
Jools Holland” Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

“The rhythmic and melodic picking of the acoustic guitar is complimented
gorgeously by Gemma, (Gill’s Daughter) who sings clearly and effortlessly
with a vocal style that mixes Imogen Heap, Joss Stone and the folk-tinged
sounds of artists like Bat For Lashes.” Yorkshire Evening Post

360 Club
Fri 9th Sept
8pm - 11.30pm
the Library pub (upstairs)
Ł4 adv - Jumbo Records & Crash Records.
Ł5 on the door

The Creeks
Empire Safari
Apollos Basement
2Boys 1 Box

The Creeks:

Fresh from their Leeds Festival gig, where they were instantly asked to
return for 2012, come check these guys, they are fresh and original and
superb live!

Shattered Glass Media:
"With their unique brand of alternative rock and tight live show, The Creeks
are one of the most impressive bands on the Yorkshire scene right now.
Whether jamming in a bedroom or playing to a huge crowd, they give 100% and
it's the combination of that attitude and great tunes that'll help this band
go far"

Jay Vermin-No Title Magazine:
“The Creeks are merely political in the same way as Kasabian, a band who in
terms of value they closely resemble. If you listen to the lyrics in the way
they were intended on being heard, then they are every bit as defiant as
Sergeant Pepper after a few whiskies and a couple of tabs of acid. With that
much energy, this brings the band that little bit closer to The Pixies, if
ever they were given the chance to be national, that closeness would be
amplified tenfold”

Empire Safari:

‘Empire Safari have a cohesion and clarity of sound that I was lucky enough
to witness once before several months ago’     Josh Lewis – Leeds Music

‘make excellent and sparing use of tight vocal harmonies, and their
composure throughout is consummately professional. Set closer, a triumphant
cover of Gary Numan's timeless ode to the automobile, 'Cars', earns big
points with the audience’
Josh Lewis – Leeds Music Scene

Apollo's Basement:

"In Leeds, 2010, a young looking, annoying front man teamed up with an angry
ginger guitarist, a dirty but loveable guitarist, a gorgeous but gangly bass
player and a drummer with very soft hands to form possibly the greatest band
of all time. Slipping pop and funk elements into indie music, Apollo's
Basement might just be your very own cheeky dream"


“Next up was Apollo's Basement - the only full band of the night. A set of
catchy songs ensued, featuring memorable hooks that I can recall with
perfect clarity long after the performance, such as the vocal melody crammed
with melodic activity in the chorus of 'Ginger' and the danceable, off-beat
rhythms of 'Magic Maker'.

“Singer Sam Orbaum delivered consistently strong vocals and, when the
guitars adopted sparser parts on songs such as 'Cheeky Dream' and his lyrics
could be heard, a sense of humour was revealed in his writing. The line
about a girl giving him "a list of guys [she]'d rather screw" resonated for
very personal reasons, but that topic is a little too tight right now, I'll
get deeper into that later. I also enjoyed the following quip from
'Navigation': "Navigation must be really tricky with your head stuck way up

Charles Eager - leeds music scene

2boys 1box:

return to 360 Club, after an ace set last time, it’s  great to have them

Formed on the streets of LA out of a need to raise cash and get home this
Yorkshire duo is one of the most culturally diverse, amusingly entertaining,
eclectic virtuoso acts to ever cross your lobes! Intertwining hip hop
grooves with indie sensibilities this is an act of the kind you won't have
seen before but will certainly want to see again.

Tuesday 30 August 2011

‘Jacques Loussier may have done it first but David Rees-Williams does it better

‘It’s every festival organiser’s nightmare,’ said Mike Gordon, Director of Scarborough Jazz Festival, when  announcing that, because of illness, Jacques Loussier is unable to play at this year’s event.
‘We wish him a speedy recovery,’ said Mike. ‘It’s been a big blow as all our programmes, posters and T-shirts have been printed.  However, I can guarantee that our audience will be dazzled by his replacement, the David Rees-Williams Trio, which specialises in placing classical themes in the context of the jazz piano trio.  David will demonstrate his amazing virtuosity and jazz improvisation on the Spa’s Bosendorfer grand piano and also on the Hammond organ.  And what a coup for Scarborough -  BBC’s distinguished Radio 3 programme, ‘Jazz Line Up’ will be recording David’s performance and broadcasting it nationally.  The BBC will also be recording Gilad Atzman with the Orient Express and the Tommy Evans Orchestra.’

‘David Rees-Williams has received widespread enthusiastic critical acclaim.  I think the following samples say it all.’

  • David Rees-Williams’ rendition of Purcell’s ‘When I am laid in earth’ literally stole my breath….I have been reduced to a groupie….David played a magical set of syncopated Stanford, Bach and the ethereal Purcell…the trio far outstrips anything achieved by Jacques Loussier or the Swingles. They are on another plane and deserve huge recognition.  Jon Snow, Evening Standard
  • David Rees-Williams’ excellent trio breathes new life into work by composers who were themselves improvisers…..the disc is a delight.  The Independent
  • With breath-taking technique and mesmerizing sensitivity this trio gelled like no other.  Works of the past were brought alive and developed in ways that would have been the envy of the original composers . . . . Handel, Tchaikovsky, Wesley, Ravel, Buxtehude, Scarlatti and Purcell.  While marvelling as David dashed Handel’s runs across the keyboard, sudden familiar strains of recent popular melodies would rise above.   In the Tchaikovsky there were liquid jazz chords and outbreaks of strong melodic material and Ravel’s music readily branched into Gershwin . . . beauty permeated Bach’s A minor double violin concerto and Scarlatti’s feverish runs were enlivened with quirky jazz turns.  After such a fascinating evening it’s easy to see why The David Rees-Williams Trio is regularly featured on BBC Radio 3.  Local Secrets

  • .. an accomplished pianist whose repertoire contains some of the most gracefully eloquent themes ever composed…he’s clearly an impassioned collector of great tunes, wherever the source.
Radio 3’s ‘Late Junction’ has rapidly propelled David Rees-Williams to much the same spot as Jacques Loussier occupied 40-odd years ago  The Guardian

  • Rees-Williams can cast a Bach prelude in exotic colours, but he and his colleagues are equally at home with Scarlatti, Grieg and Cesar Franck - they deserve a wider audience among jazz fans and classical diehards.   Clive Davis, Sunday Times
  • Jacques Loussier may have done it first but David Rees-Williams does it better. This trio continually presents us with startlingly new perspectives on old compositions, without making fun of the composers. They capture the romanticism of Grieg as well as the implicit lyricism of Bach and the playfulness of Mozart.  Music Week
  • Channel 4’s Jon Snow put David Rees-Williams’ ‘When I am Laid in Earth’ by Purcell at no.5 in his list ‘103 Reasons to Love Life.   Sunday Times
The 2011 Scarborough Jazz Festival takes place on 23-25 September at Scarborough Spa.  Tickets and further information are available from the Box Office (01723 357869) or at

Scarborough Jazz festival- 23- 25 September

Well its nearly here the 2011 Scarborough Jazz Festival and we are all very excited about this year’s event taking place in the newly renovated Spa Complex . 
There’s a pronounced French accent at the 2011 festival:  the exhilarating multi-instrumental ‘Hadouk Trio’;    the electrifying Paris based singer, Mina Agossi; the legendary Jacques Loussier, undoubtedly one of the key pianists of his generation, and some of the finest French jazz performers in the state promoted ‘Orchestre National de Jazz’;
We have two other big combos: the National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO) and the Tommy Evans Orchestra.  And in the programme you will find some of the very best jazz in the UK.
Evalutions were very positive last year.  Typical comments were: ‘The highlight of my year!’;  ‘As always a fine and varied line-up with the Director unafraid to take the odd risk.’  And from Washington USA, ‘One of the best I have attended ever, including 35 years at Monterey and 6 at the original Newport.’
Hope you will join in the fun with us.
Mike Gordon

Compere: Alan Barnes

At the British Jazz awards in December 2010 nobody received more than one award – except Alan Barnes who won a staggering four awards in the clarinet, alto saxophone, and miscellaneous instrument (baritone sax) categories and for best album.  Alan is also a renowned composer and band leader.  We don’t have the space to list the famous jazz bands he has played with and he has also appeared as a session musician on albums by Selina Jones, Bjork, Van Morrison, Bryan Ferry, ClareTeal and Jamie Cullum.
We are lucky to have him as a very knowledgeable and witty compere.

Hadouk* Trio

This is a French trio of adventure-seeking multi-instrumentalists who are exciting, exhilarating and not to be missed.  They are outstanding musicians with a truly international reputation: Didier Malherbe (duduk, flutes, ocarina, soprano saxophone, ), Loy Ehrlich ( Hajouj , gumbass, keyboards) and Steve Shehan (percussion and hang).  In 2007 the band was awarded ‘French band of the year’ in the prestigious ‘Victoires de la Musique Jazz’.
‘They shifted effortlessly from gnashing, industrial-strength rock to ethereal jazz passages highlighted by Malherbe’s driving, haunting sax and flute touches.’ (Billboard Mag, Los Angeles)
*Hadouk is a word made from hajouj or gumbri, an African bass, and doudouk, an Armenian oboe.o

Liz Fletcher sings ‘Liz’

Liz will be singing numbers from her latest CD.  Lee Gibson quotes liner notes from her previous recordings saying ‘she achieves that rare thing of beingboth respectfully traditional and excitingly contemporary.’ ‘  and asks: ‘What makes a jazz singer?  Buy these CDs and find out.’
In 2004 Liz recorded the album ‘Songs for Unsung Heroes’ written by world class saxophonist Alan Barnes and the highly acclaimed British playwright Alan Plater.  This was followed by ‘The Seven Ages of Jazz’ (Mike Gordon’s idea and premiered with huge success at the 2006 Festival).  Sadly Alan Plater died last year and Liz, joined by Alan Barnes, will be singing a tribute to him.
Liz will be supported by Gunther Kurmayr (piano), Sebastiaan De Krom (drums) and Geoff Gascoyne (bass).

Orchestre National de Jazz: ‘Shut Up And Dance’

As you would expect, France’s national jazz band has outstanding musicians and soloists who ‘embrace folk, contemporary-classical forms, jazz-rock themes that recall Frank Zappa, and fragments that grow into richly coloured, mobile shapes.’ (John Fordham)
‘Shut Up And Dance’ is ten remarkable compositions specially written by the internationally renowned New York drummer, composer and arranger, John Hollenbeck.  Each piece is dedicated to a different orchestra musician tailored to their unique personality and language.  The repertoire emphasizes the relationship between music and movement.  Percussion is everywhere, a bone fide sequence of powerful melodic passages that blend the shades of a repeating musical sound, pygmy music, art music, electronic music, not to overlook a Gnawas’ trance or a Duke Ellington swing.

Kate Williams Quartet featuring Gareth Lockrane

Described by Humphrey Lyttleton as ‘ ... a superbly lucid and inventive pianist and composer ...’ Kate Williams has gained a distinctive reputation.  She was born into a musical family: her father is the guitarist John Williams, her mother a classical pianist. She has released four CDs, each one to critical acclaim,.
Kate has performed with many of the UK’s leading musicians, including John Etheridge, Anita Wardell, Tim Whitehead and Julian Siegel.  
Flautist Gareth Lockrane was a massive success at the 2006 Scarborough Jazz Festival bearing out the Guardian’s praise: ‘the formidable Lockrane ... a stunning display of sharp-accented runs, earthy whoops and constantly refreshed melodic ideas.’  The quartet is completed by two of the best jazz musicians around: Jeremy Brown (bass) and Tristan Maillot (drums).

Mark Nightingale Quintet

UK jazz stars Mark Nightingale and Nigel Hitchcock front-line this quintet with the backing of the stellar rhythm section of Laurence Cottle (bass), Ian Thomas (drums) and Graham Harvey (piano).
Trombonist Mark Nightingale has played on countless film soundtracks and TV shows, recorded for Sting, Tom Jones, The Spice Girls and Robbie Williams and played in the orchestras of Henry Mancini, Michel Legrand or Frank Sinatra.  He has also performed with Clark Terry, Slide Hampton, James Morrison and Ray Brown. 
In his late teens Nigel Hitchcock received three jazz awards: the Schlitz award for rising star, the Cleo Laine Personal Award for best young musician, and the Pat Smythe Trust award (voted for by musicians).  He is now recognized as a world class saxophonist.

Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Express

The Orient House Expresshas toured all over the world.  The founder, Israeli born Gilad Altzmon is a multi-instrumentalist playing soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes, clarinet and flutes.  His albums, of which he has recorded nine to date, often explore political themes and the music of the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe, as well as jazz.
As a member of the Blockheads Gilad has also recorded with Ian Dury, Robbie Williams, Sinead O'Connor and Paul McCartney.  Influenced by Coltrane’s powerful approach on the sax, Gilad's live performances are simply breathtaking and overwhelming.
‘Atzmon's fluid lyricism is in full flow on songbook classics and worldly originals. But as sweet romance morphs to modernist uncertainty, the bittersweet balance and rich emotional palette equally impress.’ (Financial Times)
National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO)

NYJO is recognised as a world-class jazz orchestra and as a glittering showcase for the country’s best young musicians with many top British jazz musicians rising through its ranks.
NYJO is known for its unique swinging big band sound. Much of its music is especially written for the orchestra by British composers.  The music repertoire is huge, covering a wide variety of styles suitable for different occasions.   NYJO regularly tops the bill at festivals, has made numerous TV and radio programmes, recorded around forty albums, and visited most European Countries as well the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Mina Agossi Trio

Sexy, funky and funny, Mina Agossi has turned jazz singing into an entirely new musical form. With her deeply expressive voice, winsomely theatrical performing style and individual take on drum n bass, the Benin-born, Paris based singer brings jazz standards slap-bang into the current age and turns rock songs by Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd into vehicles of seduction and wit.
Mina has performed at prestigious venues across the world including the Montreux and London jazz festivals and the Blue Note, New York.  Last year she was nominated for the Victories of Jazz event.  Mina has developed a wonderful musical rapport with bass player Eric Jacot and the Japanese drummer Ichiro Onoe.

Jacques Loussier Trio

What an incredible coup to have this jazz giant in Scarborough.  French pianist and composer, Jacques Loussier, demonstrated tremendous ability at the age of ten.  His compositions were praised by Fauré and Camille Saint-Saëns and his prodigious piano talents were encouraged by Debussy.  In 1959 Loussiere founded the ‘Play Bach Trio’, which used Bach’s compositions as the basis for jazz improvisation.  The group achieved an amazing breakthrough to popular commercial success. In fifteen years the trio sold over six million albums.
Loussier feels his new trio -  with Andre Arpino (drums) and Benoit Denoyer de Segonzac (bass) - has far more stylistic range than its predecessor and combines jazz, rock and contemporary classical ideas with a mix of jazz and Bach. 
Matt Anderson’s ‘Songs of the Ridings’

Composed and arranged by Jazz Yorkshire ‘Futures’ saxophonist Matt Anderson, this new commission from Creative North Yorkshire celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Yorkshire through original compositions and adaptations of traditional material.  With a vocal/saxophone-led jazz quintet featuring well-known artists vocalist Kari Bleivik (Røyst, Tommy Evans Orchestra), pianist Jamil Sheriff (David Liebman, Jamil Sheriff Octet and Big Band), John Marley (double-bass) and Sam Gardner (drums), this meeting of the folk and contemporary jazz traditions promises a relevant and accessible set of music. To celebrate the first performance of the new project, Scarborough Jazz Festival has also commissioned a suite of original pieces to form part of the work. 

Andreas Varady Quartet

American bassist Mike Janisch emailed Mike Gordon: ‘There is a young 13 year old guitarist from Ireland, originally from Slovakia.  His name is Andreas Varady, and he's a complete prodigy.  Martin Taylor was floored by him and wants to do a duet recording with him. They flew me over to play on his debut album, and I was completely freaked out at how good he was.  He's playing better than most professional guitarists all over the world, and has more natural talent than any young person I've ever seen.’
‘The CD arrived,’ said Mike, ’and after one listen I made the booking!’
With Andreas are Bandy Varady (guitar), David Lyttle (drums) and Mike Janisch.
In March Andreas became the youngest musician to headline at London’s legendary Ronnie Scott’s.

Christine Tobin Quartet

Christine Tobin’s sound is rich, authentic and deeply expressive and was praised by the Guardian both for the poetry of her compositions and her golden voice.  Christine has received many accolades for her skills as a writer and arranger. Romantic and radical, Christine is a musical free spirit who blurs the lines to create her own unique style that is streetwise and eclectic. In 2008 she was named Best Vocalist at the BBC Jazz Awards.
Christne is backed by Phil Robson (guitar), Dave Whitford (double bass) and Gene Calderazzo (drums).
‘What draws me to her is her sound. I really like what she does and I find myself listening to what she says. I’m reminded that the voice is the primary source of all music.’  Mike Figgis, Director “Leaving Las Vegas”.

 Tommy Evans Orchestra: ‘The Green Seagull’

The Green Seagull is a suite of music written by Tommy Evans, who also conducts the orchestra, and is inspired by the life of his uncle, David Partridge. 
Barney Stevenson, Director of Marsden Jazz Festival, which commissioned the piece, said:  "I was absolutely blown away … I was standing at the back of The Mechanics Hall with tears streaming down my face! It was a magical highlight of Marsden Jazz Festival 2010 for me. The density and intensity of sound Tommy gets from just twelve musicians is stunning - I found the inclusion of three mostly wordless vocal parts particularly affecting. The layers of sound built up into a mesmerizing epiphany of music ...’

Alan Barnes and William Ellis ‘On Stage’

William Ellis, one of the world’s leading jazz photographers, is also an informative and highly entertaining international speaker.   As his photographs are screened, William will give the story behind each shot, and Alan will lead an all-star band performing a piece by each selected musician.
Saxophonists Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins and Illinois Jaquet will be spotlighted, and the inclusion of trumpeters Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and Clark Terry make the presence of the mighty Bruce Adams essential.  The David Newton trio will swing as intensely as usual with works by Herbie Hancock and Horace Silver.  Sprinkle in some Mingus and this will be a brilliant insight into the players behind some of the greatest jazz ever heard.
(Parental guidance advised. Strobe lighting, swearing, drug taking and some nudity)
Preview at   


Scarborough Jazz @ The Cask
Cambridge Terrace, Scarborough
Wednesday 21 September 8.45pm Entry £3
Nicola Farnon Trio
Nicola is a vocalist who plays the double bass.  Humphrey Lyttleton said of her: ‘She's a remarkable performer on stage, a fine singer and an outstandingly swinging and propulsive bass player with an outgoing personality to match ...   I declare that she is a class act, a sure fire hit!’
Accompanied by Piero Tucci - .... ‘a jazzer's dream, as unpretentiously skillful on keys as he is on sax.’ Sandman Magazine - and the swinging and driving force of Phil Johnson on drums.

Saturday 24 September 5.30pm  FREE EVENT
Scarborough Spa, Sun Court Enclosure
The Eastern Area Schools Youth Jazz Orchestra
Following a morning workshop in the Sun Court led by pianist Kate Williams and flautist Gareth Lockrane – an entertaining and interesting event which anyone is welcome to attend – the tutors will take part in the afternoon  interval performance. Why not come along and have a drink or some food whilst you listen.

Sunday 25 September 5.30pm  FREE EVENT
Scarborough Spa, Sun Court Enclosure
United by their love for high-energy Afro-Cuban music, Salsa and Jazz, Yoruba are a powerful young band intent on pushing Latin Jazz boundaries. Led by pianist/composer Aron Kyne and comprising of some of the hottest young talent from the North they have been turning heads everywhere they go. Drawing together a diverse mix of influences Yoruba has its own take on Latin Jazz, blending beautiful harmonies with syncopated rhythms and fiery solos with a massive horn section sound.  

Artist in Residence: Shirley Sheppard
Shirley will be drawing the musicians as they perform.  Works from the current festival and previous years will be on display and for sale.  Shirley says: ‘Drawing live gives the feel and effect of the moment.  The musician is continually moving and the drawer becomes part of that movement on paper.’

Mike Jackson’s Jazz Images

Local jazz photographer Mike Jackson returns this year with a new exhibition entitled 'Scarborough Jazz' featuring some new images from last year’s and previous Scarborough Jazz Festivals.

Jazz Shots from Alan Ainsworth



International showcases / SXSW / MIDEM BRIEFING EVENT
@ HIFI CLUB, 2 Central Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6DE
(just 5 minutes walk to the train station)

Free! Register now at:


Don't miss this year's Yorkshire's briefing event

Come and talk to the experts to find out:

- how to apply for international showcases
- more about the events and whether they are right for you
- how to get there
- how to make the most of your time at the events
- about financial assistance and other support available
- about SXSW film, music AND interactive festivals
- meet music industry trade associations

Guest Speakers include:

Una Johnston (SXSW) and Javier Lopez (MIDEM) both coming over to England
Phil Patterson (UKT&I Music Industry Specialist)
Pat Fulgoni (Timeless Music Project) and more
More organisations to be announced + networking and the opportunity to meet
various music industry organisations including the BPI and AIM (Association of Independent Music).

For further info check

REGISTRATION FREE - send your name, address, company / artist name, role
and your email address to: PAT FULGONI - and we'll get back to you asap


What is SXSW?

For 25 years SXSW has been held annually in Austin Texas. It is regarded by many as the most important US based music conference relevant to British music - helping to break many UK acts including Corinne Bailey Rae, Amy Winehouse and Kaiser Chiefs. Check out for more information on this as well as SXSW film and interactive conferences

What is MIDEM?

MIDEM in France is regarded by many as the most important Europe based showcasing, deal striking and networking event in the international music industry. Check out


The background to the Briefing event in Leeds is a sharp increase in interest in Yorkshire music at SXSW and MIDEM. For SXSW 2009, 2010 and 2011 not for profit "social enterprise" Timeless Music Project ensured that Yorkshire had it's own showcase CD handed out all over SXSW and dedicated concert at the British Music Embassy venue showcasing homegrown acts including Pulled Apart By Horses, Wild Beasts, Dinosaur Pile Up, David Thomas Broughton, Sky Larkin, Talk To Angels, Rolo Tomassi, Paul Marshall, Grammatics, The Crookes, Middleman, Slow Club, One Night Only to packed music industry industry crowds. TMP also worked closely with UKT&I Yorkshire's Trades Mission to help take companies out to the event.
Yorkshire @ SXSW footage here:

More details:
Join us on the NEW facebook page:
Join us on twitter:



Pat Fulgoni
Chocolate Fireguard Music Ltd
The Old Caretakers House, Brierleys Mills,
Quay Street, Huddersfield, HD1 6QT, England

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Leeds Fringe - Over already???!!

What a great way to end this year's Leeds Festival Fringe. Down at the Carpe Diem, hosted by the Yorkshire Music Collective 5 fabulous, energetic, exiting great bands had the place jumping, cheering, clapping to  heavy rock beats and synthesised sounds coupled with excellent vocals rounded off a brilliant week.
                                                         The Bang Bang Romeo and
                                                      Miranda vs the Crok set off
this final music feast. They
were swiftly followed by the
energetic young men of    Testtone 3. Next was heavy pulsating rock from  Machine Gun. Sadly we came to the final, headline act of this Leeds Fringe Redwire.

Yorkshire Gig Guide would like to give heartiest congratulations to all the people involved in the organising and production of this years Fringe and hope they have raised a considerable amount of money for Martin House Hospice for Children. You can still donate by going to the Martin House or Festival Fringe web sites.
Yorkshire Gig Guide                                           

Tuesday 23 August 2011

North Sea Jazz Festival moves to Chapel Allerton?

Well no actually, but why worry when you can enjoy the jazz (and blues and salsa) we have to offer next weekend 2-4th September at Chapel Allerton’s wonderful open air festival in Regent Street in at the ridiculously cheap £3 bucket entry price? The gigs are as follows

Saturday September 3rd

2pm Ed O’Donnell band  

Legendary jazz trombonist Ed O'Donnell appears on the Saturday afternoon 3rd September, 2pm, Regent Street, Chapel Allerton, Leeds. Ed began playing trombone in 1945. He was a member of Ken Colyer’s band with Acker Bilk on clarinet. Although influenced by the music of Bunk Johnson, Ed’s band have built up a vast repertoire of early jazz classics, spirituals and popular songs. Ed is very visual on stage and is as well known for his vocals as he is for his trombone playing.

Sunday September 4th

12.30pm Leeds Jazz Rock Orchestra 

One of our favourite bands. Their spectrum of jazz related styles ranging from swing to 'hip hop' and funk. Under the guidance of charismatic director Brendan Duffy LYJRO has strong links to Durban, Leeds' twin town in South Africa. They will be returning to South Africa soon to perform in the Durban Festival and undertake teaching workshops in the Ekaya Arts Centre and local schools. To make this possible, LYJRO are involved in a programme of extensive fundraising. The Festival gig  is part of that fundraising and the band are great - so come and enjoy!

1.45 Los Cameradas

At Seven Arts we had to turn people away from their gig  it was so popular. Under the guiding hand of trombonist Jonny Enright, this great Salsa band are back. The band will feature their all singing all dancing vocal section, a driving rhythm section, flute/ saxes and some punchy brass featuring the exuberant trumpets of Chapel Allerton’s very own Phil Green and Kate Liddington. Dance music for the ears, hips and feet!

3.00 Seven Pieces of Silver

Louise Gibbs (vocals) Zezo Olimpio (piano) Paul Baxter (bass) James Lancaster (trumpet) John McConnel (tenor sax) Paul Smith (drums). Formed in June 2008 by Pianist Zezo Olimpio and Bassist Paul Baxter, Seven Pieces of Silver is a band dedicated to performing the music of Horace Silver, a musical genius. His music is known for blues and gospel tunes such as the "The Preacher." "Sister Sadie and "Filthy McNasty". Will groove!

4.15 The Al Morrison Blues Band

To finish off the festival weekend in style we had a special 10 piece big blues band dedicated to playing the blues. Featuring the wonderful vocals John McCallum from the Corrine Bailey Ray band , the Blues Experience celebrates the music of BB King, T Bone Walker, Robert Johnson, Ray Charles and John Mayer amongst others. The band features Al Morrison guitar, John Mcallum vocals, Rob Yeo piano, Gordon Kilroy drums, Colin Sutton bass, Rob Mitchell saxes, Ian Chalk trumpet, Rosie Nicholl trombone, Jenny Smith and Kate Peters backing vocals

We are back home at Seven Arts, 31 Harrogate Road, Leeds LS3 3PD the following Sunday afternoon and we’ve got some great music to entertain you during the rest of September

11th September 1-4pm : Nick Svarc Organ Trio

Guitar ‘n’ organ groove from Nick Svarc (gtr), Joe Tatton (org), Sam Gardner (dr). Tickets £5/4 on the door, kids under 16 free. Doors open at 1pm music 1.30-4pm

Sunday Sept 18 1-4pm : Alec Robinson’s quartet featuring Ben Lowman sax

Alec Robinson - piano with John Marley - double bass, Ali Mac - drums and special guest Ben Lowman  - sax. Alec Robinson is a versatile, talented young Leeds pianist. The music will be original compositions and contemporary jazz standards, with prominent fusion undertones throughout. Tickets £5/4 on the door, kids under 16 free. Doors open at 1pm music 1.30-4pm

Thursday evening 22 September 8pm : Mark McKnight quartet featuring Seamus Blake

Virtuoso young US New York rising sax star with Irish guitarist Mark McKnight’s band with two young British musicians Ross Stanley (organ) and James Maddren (drums). Tickets £15 or £12 concessions for unwaged in advance from Seven Arts (0113 26 26 777) on the door. Standby tickets on the door for full time students £5. Buy a season ticket for all our six evening gigs this autumn (including this one), and you will save loads. The seasons cost £60 or £50 concessions from Seven Arts.

Dominic Moore's Kitchen Band Sunday Sept 25th, 1pm

Guitarist Dominic Moore tutors our jazz workshop on Fridays at the Chapel Allerton Methodist Centre. Come and support their first ever public performance!
Tickets £5/4 on the door, kids under 16 free. Doors open at 1pm music 1.30-4pm

Our popular Jazz Workshops at Seven Arts are also back after the summer, not that there was much of a break! If you want to learn more about playing jazz then the first two dates for your diary Saturday 17th September and Sat 1st October (2-30 to 4-30 pm). The workshops cost £10/£8 concessions.  Workshop members need to have some experience of playing (say a couple of years), and an interest in jazz, though not necessarily in playing it – just a willingness to have a go!  Some reading experience useful but not essential. Please reserve your place by emailing or phone 0113 237 0700.  Or speak to us at our Sunday afternoon jazz!

Also Dominic Moore runs a jazz workshop/improvisation group at the Methodist Centre, Chapel Allerton on the following Friday dates September (£5 per session) 7.30-10pm: 2nd September, 16th September and 23rd September – the last being an extra one to prepare for the Kitchen Band” gig at Seven Arts on Sunday 25th September. Contact Dominic

Look forward to seeing you soon at the Festival or at Seven Arts, 31 Harrogate Road, Leeds LS3 3PD
Steve Crocker, Seven Jazz Leeds.

For details of all our events see our website or facebook – search for Seven Jazz in Chapel Allerton – like us and you’ll get all our regular updates and news)

Seven Jazz is supported by Jazz Yorkshire and PRS.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Blues Night at The New Conservatory - and what a night ! !

This evening a small but privileged audience were treated to a blues night par excellence. The New Conservatory felt a cosy and intimate place to be as Dan Burnette on piano played a fine selection of blues and boogie woogie jazz.

Whilst the applause was still resounding round the room, Gerry Cooper along with his friend Phil Snell took the stage. Playing deep Southern blues on slide guitar, fiddle and acoustic guitar with fine vocals interspersed with comic one-liners kept the audience enthralled. Gerry is in the process of recording a new album which we look forward to.

Following the duo came Ryan Mitchell -Smith, singer/songwriter, modern funky blues player with a great collection of his own songs. His talents are varied as he demonstrated when playing his solo harmonica piece. The audience shouted for more and Ryan duly obliged.

Finally our headliner was Chris Martin who hails from Batley also known as "Man in the Hat". Not only a great slide guitar player but a comic genius to boot proved by the howls of laughter coming from the floor. Another act not to be missed.
The Leeds Fringe was also playing at various other venues this evening raising funds for Martin House Children's Hospice.
Yorkshire Gig Guide

Up and Running - The Leeds Festival Fringe- Den's Blog

Sammy Lee
Leeds Festival Fringe was opened on Thursday night at the New Conservatory by John McCabe of Hounddog Promotions. A quality start to the week-long festival. The entertainment for the evening consisted of the opening act Sammy Lee, a solo instrumentalist and singer.                                                                

The Burlesque Girls
He was followed by a small burlesque show featuring Miss Anna Fur Laxis. Anna recently became the runner up in the "Miss Burlesque Exotic World" in Los Angeles. This will surly enhance her standing in the burlesque world. A free-lance artist who has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the USA and Japan. On 17th September she will be appearing at The Wet Spot at the Wardrobe, Leeds. 
A very interesting lady with an interesting act which includes knife throwing and burlesque. Her further ambition is to win the aforementioned competition. Our next act was Ben Green and Al Leaming who played to an enthusiastic following who thoroughly enjoyed their performance. Two more acts followed in quick succession, Scott Wainwright and Matt Butler. These were very popular and accomplished artists who were very well received by the attendees at the New Conservatory. 
Headliner for this evenings performance was our very own Claire Cameron. As usual she did not disappoint.
 Three of our crew went to check out the Carpe Diem who were also hosting their own opening night of the Fringe. On their agenda were The Guilt Charm, Swindells (Yorkshire Punk band) and headlining was Miranda vs The Crock. Our girls were welcomed by hosts Bad Brains (Nick the Russian) and thoroughly enjoyed the musical entertainment provided for the evening. 
The Leeds Festival Fringe is now well and truly launched!!
Members of the Yorkshire Gig Guide visited various venues on Friday 19th calling at Carpe Diem, The Dry Dock, Empire (see Andrew's report about the new Metal Fringe events) and eventually ending up at the Baby Jupiter where Two Sevens hosted the reggae DJ night which they enjoyed hugely (pictures to follow shortly)

  Saturday found  Leeds city center buzzing with music, fashion show, dancers, and magicians all part of the inaugural Leeds Buskers day (also part of the Fringe) whilst at all the venues involved in the Fringe were holding day-long concerts. Yorkshire Gig Guide were stationed at Dortmund Square along with Joy Fashions where we were
entertained by Dan, Jilly Reiley - who will also be playing at the
Lime Tree Festival -,
G7 was next to entertain us and the passers by, Middle Man gave a rousing performance which gave us another taster for Lime Tree.     

The Red Pills appeared and gave a scintillating acoustic rock performance much appreciated by all those who stopped to watch them. Also the same can be said for Raw Peaches. 
Further artists turned up to do a bit of busking until Eddy Andersen played out the day. All the artists had collection boxes in aid of Martin House Children's  Hospice which is again being the focus of fund raising by the Leeds Festival Fringe. 

Once everything was cleared away Andrew and Eve went to the Empire to catch a bit more of the Metal Fringe and onto the Grove Fest - a jazz and folk event. Jason covered some of the evening events (pictures to follow).
All in all a very satisfactory day.
There are still four days to go of this year's Fringe. Check out the Leeds Fringe web site via Yorkshire Gig Guide for venues and line ups.
Denis and all the Crew at Yorkshire Gig Guide. Have a great Leeds Fringe!