Tuesday 29 November 2011

Centre Stage 2012 - Still time to register

Sarah an Michelle

The Centre Stage launch was held on the 24th November at the O2 Academy (Leeds). Sarah Smith, the organiser, welcomed us all and explained about the work they do for Martin House Children's Hospice. This years fund raising will be for the Team Lounge. This is set up as a place where very ill teenagers can be teenagers! She also said there is still time to register until February for any bands who wish to take part in this great competition. The heats to be held at The Wardrobe, Leeds from the 16th to the 19th April with the final being held at the O2 Academy on the 17th July. The successful band will go on to play at the Leeds and Reading Festivals at August bank holiday plus £1000 worth of musical equipment & other exiting experiences.
Traffic Wire then entertained us with their usual excellent performance.
On the main stage we were royally entertained by last years winners, the Mexanines who were supporting the headline band The Pigeon Detectives. The Mexanines Elliot Roper said of the competition " Entering Centre Stage 2011 and playing Leeds Festival was a massive thing for us- it opened so many doors for us to reach that next step. It's a brilliant cause and we  would urge every band to enter"
You can contact Sarah Smith - the Organiser at ssmith@martinhouse.org.uk or on 01937 844569 to sign up and at the same time support this very worthy cause.
Denis, Yorkshire Gig Guide

Thursday 17 November 2011

AUTISM SPECTRUM BAND SKILLS CLUB starting at Factory Street...

Hi Yorkshire Gig Guide, Following on from a successful pilot course we are pleased to be able to roll this out. Future programmes include school holiday courses and Saturday morning clubs.
The group is for young people aged 8-16 with Aspergers, Autism or a social-emotional delay.

Group members
will form a band, learn to play an instrument and will have their song professionally recorded and copied onto a CD.

Some broad aims for the group beyond the musical aspects are: increase confidence, find new ways to express emotions, be better able to understand other’s emotions and to increase social awareness and social skills.

The CRB checked staff who run the group are all experienced both in running groups for young people as well as music professionals.

Please share with anyone this may interest.
Further information and to register your interest please contact
Amy on amy@factorystreet.co.uk

Best Wishes, From The Team

Factory Street Studios, 9 Factory Street, Bradford BD4 9NW
01274 682125


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Fantastic covers and groundbreaking original material is what you can expect from the immense lineup we have for you at the November Crown of Lights Band Night

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Hello again YorkshireGigGuide!
Fantastic covers and groundbreaking original material is what you can expect from the immense lineup we have for you at the November Crown of Lights Band Night. We have two bands new to the Comrades (though with some familiar faces in and amongst), and the triumphant return of one of the best bands ever to grace our stage, and all of this is tied together by one of the most well known and loved acoustic artists the area has to offer. Here's the lineup.....
First up for the bands will be the debut performance of RAMSHANK. This 4 piece rock covers band from Huddersfield will mesmerise us with a set from the 70's to present day that could melt your face or warm your heart!
Next up will be the enigmatically named COSMIC BADGER. This young band from Wakefield are a relatively new outfit, but with some familiar faces to Crown of Lights regulars. Citing influences from Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Oasis and The Libertines, they will deliver gives us an eclectic mix of covers from the 60's to the current charts, done in their own way.
Our very small part of the world is very lucky to have a crop of hugely talented and groundbreaking bands who stand out from the rest and have been dubbed 'superbands'. The likes of Commonside, The Dirty Vinyls, The Blister Factory and Britrocks all fall into that category. The last band performing for us tonight is one of the cream of that crop, the mighty LITTLE VEGAS LIES. With a new EP shortly to be released, the lads will showcase their own brand of Brit-rock, inspired by a strong heritage of British Rock bands like the Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppellin, The Stone Roses, Oasis and The Manic Street Preachers. Not to be missed!
Our acoustic artist for the night playing between bands is cut from the same stone, being the frontman for the awesome Commonside. Andy Cartwright will go solo for the night and bring us acoustic favourites from his band and more. Anything could happen!
So, a fantastic lineup which would not be out of place at much bigger events costing the earth to see. Yet, we bring you all of this for FREE!!!!. Yes, entry is free, the beer is cheap and the venue awesome and family friendly with a fantastic atmosphere. It's great night out, so I'll see you there :)
The Comrades Club
Regent Street
West Yorks WF16 0HD - 01924 403672 
Friday 18th November
Doors open 8pm  Free Entry!

Friday 28 October 2011

Band Skills for children on the Autism Spectrum

Many young people with Apserger’s have difficulty expressing their emotions and understanding the emotions of others, sometimes young people with Apserger’s find it difficult to be in social situations. This group is specifically for young people with Asperger’s and it is our hope that the young people who attend will have more social confidence and will have new ways of expressing themselves.
This group will run for 3 days, the 26th, 27th and 28th October from 10am-5pm, by the end of which the young people will have formed a band, learned to play an instrument and will have their song professionally recorded and copied on to a CD.
The group will be a closed group for young people aged 8-16 with Asperger’s or young people with a social-emotional delay.
Some broad aims for the group beyond the musical aspects are: increase confidence, find new ways to express emotions, be better able to understand other’s emotions and to increase social awareness and social skills.
The staff who run the group are all experienced both in running groups for young people as well as music and are all CRB checked.
Young people need a basic level of interest in music and an ability to play or sing a bit, the more the better.
For more information contact Amy on 01274 682125

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Crown of Lights BAND NIGHT will definitely be one you won't want to miss!

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Hi there YorkshireGigGuide
The October BAND NIGHT will definitely be one you won't want to miss! There is something for everyone with an eclectic lineup of mighty bands and artists from near and far. Here's the details....

First up for the bands will be rising stars ALICE AT LAST from Wakefield. This four piece indie / rock outfit are currently wowing crowds around Yorkshire with their very catchy, finely crafted tunes and energetic live performances. Fronted by the massively talented Lucas Smith who has played our Acoustic Night previously, this band is without doubt one to watch.

The next band is a very special treat indeed. The enigmatic HEAD OF LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT will be travelling all the way from Teesside to be with us, and will feature on bass one of my bestest buddys from Music College all those years ago (well, not that many!!). John Taylor is part of North East Live who organise and promote gigs around the North East (so any band/artist fancying a trip up there could come and have a word in his shell like!). This very unique trio has been referred to as the New Avengers of left-field pop and can only be described as...well, indescribably entertaining!! Bring a change of underwear - anything could happen !!

Closing the night will be the magnificent dirty blues rock of THE BLIND DEAD MCJONES BAND. Blessed with limitless talent and moving effortlessly from down and dirty authentic blues, to hard hitting rock, this is genuinely one of the most entertaining bands you are likely to see.

Playing between the bands will be the very gifted SCOTT ANTHONY WAINWRIGHT. This incredible and very entertaining acoustic artist refuses to be pigeon-holed with his current work being a fusion of Blues, Hip Hop, Folk, Country and Gospel Styles all mashed together in an Avant Garde manner to present a sound that Scott titles ‘Rural Underground’.

So, altogether a night certainly not to be missed, all in the fantastic, friendly surroundings of the Comrades Club in the centre of Heckmondwike. We always have a great night so come on down and join the fun. The beer is cheap and entry is, as usual, FREE, yes FREE I tells yer!!

See you there.

The Comrades Club
Regent Street
West Yorks WF16 0HD - 01924 403672 
Friday 17th June
Doors open 8pm  Free Entry!

Saturday 1 October 2011

Rage Against Racism 2 – The Well – 24.09.11.-review

Rage Against Racism 2 – The Well – 24.09.11.
Angelic Upstarts, Oi Polloi, The Autonomads, Jock Sparra, Bus Station Loonies, The Vexed, Overspill, Keyside Strike, Geoffrey Oicott, Lowlife UK, Paul Carter.

When I was a kid I was terrified of punks and skinheads. Angry, scary looking young men and women in strange clothes who played loud aggressive music and did amazing things with their hair. Having grown up and grown to love punk music it depresses me that our society has perpetrated the myth that punks and skins are ‘troublesome’ and something to be feared. Having involved myself in this scene, albeit only briefly over the years it is clear that members of these social groups are some of the nicest, most decent human beings I have ever met. And therein lies the paradox of punk rock: it is aggressive and angry whilst at the same time being incredibly positive and friendly. Audiences are shouted at rather than sung to, the lyrics are aggressive and demanding and the dancing could easily be mistaken for fighting by the uninitiated. Yet beneath this dark veneer sits the liberal beating heart of punk. It is joyous, triumphant, righteous, honourable, polite, positive, friendly and built on a shared sense of togetherness.
The second Rage Against Racism gig at The Well beautifully demonstrated these traits yet again. What an atmosphere, probably twice the attendance of the last R.A.R. gig resulting in twice the joy. I must confess I arrived late to this one due to decorating duties and so missed the first few acts. I was however given an enthusiastic impromptu review by Skank Agenda’s Alex, Nick and Mickey which included the phrases “nice cheeky bit of sax” and “The Vexed were outstanding”. I arrived just in time to see the end of Overspill’s set and was immediately gutted i’d missed the rest of it. Huge amount of positive energy and an already buoyant crowd lost in the cacophony of exciting noise that Overspill produced. Lowlife UK carried on this vibe with a great set, I really love these guys and their brand of bouncy, lively punk really got the crowd going. Superb.
Geoffrey Oicott were a pleasant surprise, I must confess to being a tad underwhelmed at the thought of a cricket-themed oi band but they were great, as were Jock Sparra whose lead singer seemed to be having the best time in front of that crowd. To see a band and a singer clearly revelling in the moment like this is a beautiful thing indeed. Next up to bat were Oi Polloi who again played a great politically charged set and had the crowd entirely rapt throughout. Lovely guitar work too.
The cumulative effect of all these bands felt like being punched in the face repeatedly by a super cheerful clown on speed wearing marshmallow boxing gloves: exhilarating but exhausting. The headline act Angelic Upstarts proved to be the perfect antidote to this and delivered a storming set to a now packed room, the audience literally bouncing off each other in appreciation of one of the UK skinhead scenes greatest.
I must apologise to The Autonomads, Bus Station Loonies, Keyside Strike and Paul Carter for not getting to see you guys but from the atmosphere and positive energy around the place it’s clear there were no weak links in this line up. All in all a fantastic day of music and credit must go to Stevie Caldwell for putting on yet another great day in the name of anti fascists, anti racists and thoroughly decent punks and skins everywhere. Wonderful.
Nick Hart
Yorkshire Gig Guide

Saturday 24 September 2011

Local stars all came out last night for Orlagh's Fest

A host of local artists turned out to support charity night at the Leeds Irish Centre to raise money for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit on the 1st anniversary of the death of a little girl named Orlagh who died on 22nd September 2010 from meningitis aged just 21 months (see front page of Yorkshire Gig Guide).
Danny Harrison & Friends
First up to get the ball rolling in fine style was Danny Harrison with Friends. An acoustic set with bass, acoustic guitar and fiddle was a worthy introduction to the evening.
Ryan Spendlove
Ryan Spendlove was on fine form with rousing vocals which filled the packed Claddagh Room. He was joined at the end of his set by Kieran O'Mally on fiddle for a very lively finish.
Ryan and Kieran
Ryan was followed by the very popular Gary Stewart and band. This was a 4 piece combo with double base, acoustic guitars and accordion. There was much hilarity with the fans as Gary had shaved off his beard and this was alluded to throughout the set with the people in the audience appreciating the jokes.
Gary Stewart and Band
As time was passing the room was filling up as more and more people came in to support this worthy cause. The raffle sellers and tombola stall workers were all making a sterling effort ensuring all present were parted from their money for the charity.
Laura J Martin
Flute will never be quite the same again after listening to Laura J Martin playing in her own unique, versatile style. She captured the audience imagination with her unusual renditions.
Rosie Doonan & Band
The highly acclaimed Rosie Doonan and Band next gave us the benefit of their expertise at live performance. Rosie plays the acoustic guitar and also keyboard which had the audience up on it's feet again.
Hope and Social
The harmonies of Hope and Social were worth coming out for on their own even if there had been no other performers. This was a large group with a variety of instrumental talent including trumpet, trombone, keyboards and guitars.An energetic performance with further reference to the aforementioned missing beard.
All too soon we came to the final
and headline act which was a
group of young men calling
Middleman. An exiting mix of rap
and rock which took total
command of the stage and
the audience who were all ready
to dance. They were cheering and
clapping to the music. For
donations to the cause one of the organisers was persuaded by the band to stage dive into the crowd. Lots of fun for everyone which raised the staggering amount of £10,400! Congratulations to everyone for a stupendous effort and a great night!
Yorkshire Gig Guide

Wednesday 21 September 2011

CONSTELLATIONS FESTIVAL The Big Pink, 02:54, Stalking Horse, Double Muscle, Outfit & Zulu Winter added to the line-up


 The Big Pink, 02:54, Stalking Horse, Double Muscle, Outfit & Zulu Winter added to the line-up

Futuresound have today announced the addition of 4AD's electric rock duo The Big Pink to this year's Constellations Festival line-up. They are also joined by 02:54, Stalking Horse, Double Muscle, Outfit & Zulu Winter
All confirmed bands (alphabetical order): 02:54The Antlers , The Big Pink, Big Deal, BRAIDS, Dutch Uncles, Double Muscle, Eagulls, EXITMUSIC, Fear Of Men, Gardens & Villa, Givers, Gross Magic, Hookworms, Islet, Outfit, Spector, Spectrals, Stalking Horse, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Summercamp, Three Trapped Tigers, Vessels, Vondelpark, Wild Beasts, Yuck, Zulu Winter.
As well as the bands, the Exhibition Hall, a new concept for Constellations in 2011, will be providing a new home for the screen printing and the poster exhibition which proved so popular in 2010. The hall will also host a range of new artworks, installation, and film, some of which are being commissioned especially for the event.  WARP will also be curating a special program of moving image work to be shown in the freshly christened 'pop up' cinema. The aim is to screen a selection of rarities alongside favourites from their vast archive.
Event: Constellations Festival DateNovember 12th 2011 Twitter@cnstlltns  #constellations2011 Facebookwww.facebook.com/constellationsmusic Websitewww.constellationsfestival.com Ticketswww.seetickets.com and Jumbo and Crash Records
Constellations have also announced a series of shows leading up the festival featuring: 
Thursday 10th November
The Brudenell Social Club
New Villager + Runners + Bear Mask
£7 adv
Doors 7pm
Friday 11th November
The Brudenell Social Club
Trophy Wife + Theme Park + Alt-J + Jeff the Brotherhood + Blood Oranges + Heart-Ships
£7 adv or £4 with Constellations Festival ticket
Doors 7pm
Friday 11th November
The Cockpit
Los Campesinos!
£10 adv
Doors 7pm
Tickets for all 3 shows are available from Crash Records, Jumbo Records, Luna tickets and Seetickets

Saturday 10 September 2011

"The Glee Club" by Richard Cameron At The Hull Truck Theatre- Review

John Burton, Marc Pickering and Sean McKenzie
 from The Glee Club.
Picture by Richard Hubert-Smith.
The Glee Club by Richard Cameron now at Hull Truck Theatre is a gritty drama set in 1962, of a group of four miners who work down Edington Colliery and sing in a Glee Club in their spare time
We see them rehearsing in the miners welfare club room, exchanging conversation at the pit head and walking to and from the various buildings, all of which takes place on the same set with only minor changes but through lighting and the players actions brilliantly take you into each new scene. Moments of nudity and  strong language occur totally in context with the play and essential to the plot. The play revolves around the Glee Club practising for the forthcoming annual gala and the lives of the singers unfold as we progress. The play explores masculine ideas, attitudes and sexuality of the early '60s . This is a gritty drama and tragedy; well written  and exquisitely performed by the actors:- John Burton, Michael Chance, Paul Clarkson, Anthony Clegg, Sean McKenzie and Marc Pickering all of whom have long experience on stage, television and film.
show creatorThere were moments that made me smile in this very human and touching story of the lives of six men.
The harmonies were superb, wonderfully arranged by musical director Phil Bateman and the timings perfect under the direction of Tessa Walker.  The clever stage design was by Signe Beckman who also designed the costumes.
Many in the audience were visibly moved to tears at the plays climax and I would thoroughly recommend you to see this play.

Denis and Alison
Yorkshire Gig Guide

8 Sep 2011 - 8 Oct 2011 @ 7.45pm, Matinees Weds & Sats @ 2pm, Talkback Thu 6 Oct


Preview Thu 8 Sep£12
Mon - Thu£15
Fri & Sat£18.50
Concessions & Matinees£5 off
Buy online or call our Box Office: 01482 323 638

Cast Includes

Anthony CleggAnthony Clegg
Marc PickeringMarc Pickering
Paul ClarksonPaul Clarkson
Michael ChanceMichael Chance
Sean MckenzieSean Mckenzie
John BurtonJohn Burton

A Tasty Treat at the Urban Bean Cafe

Fox Elipsus, originally from Oxford but who has made his home in America for the past 12years, entertained a very small but definitely appreciative audience at the Urban Bean Cafe on Commercial Road, Kirkstall, Leeds. His performance was outstanding especially as he had had a very traumatic day at the hands of disreputable people who gave all honest Britons a bad name. In the tradition of other great artists he managed to get from Birmingham to Leeds in record time in order to not let down his audience. His style was comic with superb keyboard skills but he also had a serious message with regard to political and environmental issues. Fox has only 27 performances left of the 69 at the beginning of his tour so you only have 27 days to take advantage of the opportunity to see this brilliant performer.
After he completed his set he took time out to talk to Yorkshire Gig Guide. He told us that after completing his studies and gaining a couple of degrees to please the family he was persuaded by his girlfriend to follow his dream and play his music. He has been writing songs since the age of 3yrs (although apparently they have improved with time). His ideological influences he says are Dylan, Hendrix and Lennon and he has been inspired musically by musicians of the 80s - including Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Nick Kirshaw and latterly Cold Play and Radiohead.
Fox will be appearing in the following venues over the next few days:-

: Bradford (Sun 11th, 6pm @ Black Swan, BD9 4LD), Hudds (Mon 12th, 6pm @ Coffeevolution, HD1 1DD), York (Fri 9th, 6pm @ Victor J Cafe, YO1 8RW), Harrogate (Sun 11th, 1pm @ Revolution, HG1 2WL), Tyne, Tees, Scarborough, Hull, Sheffield, Doncaster - check sites. 
Yorkshire Gig Guide

Monday 5 September 2011

Hannah and Jason's First Time Limetree Festival experience 2011

Driving down the winding country roads with “I Love Rock and Roll” blasting from the stereo, I felt a wave of excitement as we drew close to Limetree Festival. This was my first time at Limetree and I didn’t know what to expect.
Once the tent was up in the family tent area I couldn’t wait to explore my surroundings. I could see the Main Stage on the next field. Immediately I noticed just how friendly everyone was.
After dumping my bags in the tent I walked up to the first field (main camp site) to collect my wristband as there was six fields in total this gave me a chance to get a feel for the different vibes of each. Collecting my wristband was easy enough I was dealt with quickly and efficiently and was also given a programme to wear around my neck I soon realised just how useful this was to me throughout the weekend.

Being part of the Yorkshire Gig Guide team I was intrigued as to what our Stage and Media tent would be like. I quickly walked past the food stalls and all the delicious aromas on my way to the stage though I did stop for a cheese and caramelised onion toasty at Tin Can Toaster. I was impressed to find the prices very reasonable so I ordered a hot chocolate as well.

Making my way up to the Yorkshire Gig Guide tent I was asked to show my wristband and again the steward who asked was very polite and chatty. The marquee was nice and cosy with a small stage and open sides, this helped as I would later find out! The tent was decorated in pictures of the bands that were playing the Yorkshire Gig Guide stage adding a nice personal touch. The Media lounge was spacious and comfortable with a coconut husk flooring for extra warmth and luxury. Our stage areas were placed in a perfect spot at the top of the hill; you could see all the other fields tents and stages from where we stood.

Steadily festival goers started to arrive and before long the party had started. It wasn’t long before the acoustic tent was in full swing with the likes of Kim and Seb who sang songs such as Right track and Take me away. Kim and Seb met at an open mic night and gelled so well they got together to create the band. 

Our open mic tent was overwhelmed with interest from artist wanting to perform. The line-up was fully booked over the whole weekend from 11am until 9 pm. With the likes of Ryan Spendlove, Strid, Circus Envy, Sea Fret, Rodina, Lightning Sykes and Miranda vs. the Croc who was the Headliner for Leeds Fringe. 

The atmosphere was amazing and the crowd was buzzing. The acts were from all walks of life and each style unique in its own right. There was folk, rock, rapping, indie, reggae plus many more. Some cover songs, some written by the artists and others a mix of both every act having their own personal inspiration.
Hannah and I were covering the dance and DJ aspect of Limetree.
Walking down the dance therapy village I wasn’t sure what to expect most of the artists I had never heard 

of so I was intrigued as to what may be going on there. In the Sorted Dance marquee there was such a chilled atmosphere and the bar staff were friendly and welcoming. 
I knew immediately I would enjoy spending time in here after a heavy night! The background music was relaxed and comfortable to listen to. I started chatting to some of the other people in the marquee about where they were from, who they had come to see and what they were expecting to do over the weekend. 
After chatting to a few people the tent started to steadily fill the sense of anticipation began to grow, I could see the first artist getting ready to start. The mix of people in this tent was different from the ones in the acoustic tent.
I was later introduced to DJ Buckley who plays most weekends in Leeds city centre at a night club called Back to Basics. After liaising for a few minutes Buckley mingled with the crowd and was happy to have his photo taken and chat with the children who felt just as welcomed as the Adults.

Later on that night as the children were settled down and the surroundings became more adult like, the DJs were playing some easy listening and the tent was filling up. As everyone was chatting drinking and dancing.
The DJ stopped the music everything went quiet then he dropped an old favourite Wu Tang Clan. This was the start and the crowd really began to dance. The more songs that were played the more 

the crowd got into the mood; the night took shape and up got Jason Messiah and Soul Deep with some live rap and I was ready and in the groove.
These boys knew exactly how to gain the respect of the crowd they started quite mellow showing skill working the audience with their poetic style. Each song a little more hype than the last, as Jason Messiah spat flow after flow Soul Deep filled gaps and brought the melody, this polished act soon had the crowd eating out the palms of their hands. 

I was very impressed about half way through the set the gloves came off so to speak. He was in the zone feeding off the emotions of the crowd the lyrics became deeper and slightly more political; this was exactly what I had come to see.
Jason Messiah  Age 25 (see link showing his skills) http://youtu.be/lozQTkMFWv4
Follow Jason Messiah

Soul Deep

Soul Deep
Age 27 was quoted as saying “An appreciation for the fact that, life without music, is a life I'm glad that I don't know”

(see link showing his skills) http://youtu.be/isT1JhGfhrk

The night was getting better all the time, the next DJ set the marquee buzzing full of excitement with one of the best performances I have ever seen from Ball-Zee UK Beat box Champion 2011. Based in: Huddersfield Known For: 2011  Vauxhall UK Beat box Champion  2007, 2008, 2011, Vauxhall UK Beat box North Heat winner, Former winner of King of the Jam

Ball-Zee Aka Patrick Hirst is the UK beat box champion 2011. Conjuring everything from deep, dirty bass lines, heavy hitting drum beats and amazingly realistic sound fx using only the power of his vocal chords and mouth! Ball-Zee is currently touring his solo beat box show round venues in the UK and Europe, stunning crowds and bringing the noise wherever he goes! After 3 years of holding the Northern beat box crown, Ball-Zee has finally claimed his long deserved place as the UK's No.1 beat boxer, and will be progressing to the world championships in Berlin to represent the UK.
More than just impressive Ball-Zee really brought a level of skill that took the night to another level the mixture of his beat boxing and Mc spitting made his visit to the tent an experience I will never forget. Ball-Zee Links http://youtu.be/pHsHAkJifd4 

Ball-Zee’s performance sent the crowd wild, he took the roof off that night.
The silent disco was definitely an experience. As we were handed headphones to put on it then became your own choice to listen to music or just keep them on around your neck so you could chat away to others without hearing the music. This was lots of fun, when you couldn’t hear the music you could still see people dancing. The music on the menu was urban classics and chilled out dance. The dance marquee was heaving and it was a really enjoyable night.
The next few days were equally as good and although the weather had taken a turn for the worst and it was very muddy nobody’s spirits was dampened. The main stage was in full swing with Soulfunkful playing at their best they are from Sheffield and only formed last year. They are very popular and asked back to every event they have played at. An appreciative audience gathered despite the weather.
Our children Tyyler Henderson aged nine, Cavell Heaton aged six and Celica Leader aged 10 had already gone up to the Butterfingers Kreative kids zone area where they enjoyed spending may hours This area was open from 10 o’clock and based around five tepees. The staff had all gone through the necessary checks and had a great deal of time for the kids. I was in for a little treat later when the children put on a Dance for the Adults. There was so much for them to do. The main organiser Helen had really taken them under her wing and allowed them to help out with odd jobs around the kids zone. The children had a story to tell every time they came back and were extremely excited to tell us all about their adventure on the nature walk. As there was a circus theme the children were taught circus skills, like juggling and stilt walking. There were interactive workshops and there was even a van the children could paint on at the pixie tent. They were given free canvas goodie bags that contained juggling balls and scarves and information on how to practice at home.
I left the children and went to check out the drum and bass tent even though drum and bass isn’t a personal favourite of mine. I still wanted to see what it would be like. The size was perfect for the amount of people who were in the Bookyball Dome tent and the music wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I felt comfortable dancing away to music that is not really my scene. DJ Ste Guthrie Was playing and I really enjoyed the energy of the tent and although not as popular as the other tents it was an all round nice experience. Heading back towards the acoustic tent I bought a pizza for the children from the Pizza Wood burner. My pizza was cooked in a clay oven as I waited. It was very nice with a choice of toppings .
The kids zone was based next to the Yorkshire Gig Guide Acoustic tent so as the kids enjoyed their pizza I went to support our clientele. By this point the tent was heaving and people were spilling out on to the field,( hence the fact that open sides on the tent was a good idea) Reverend Chunky (Cleve Feckelton )was playing his last set . I was a bit gutted because I am a fan of his but I would catch him later on the main stage. He really knows how to captivate the crowd with his powerful, soulful voice. The crowd went wild for Reverend Chunky, It was delightful.
Lighting Sykes was setting up to do her half hour set and what a fantastic set it was with her own original sound Lightning wowed the crowds with her own lyrics and music. Lightning started out with her own night based in the hip city of Leeds called Lyrically Justified where she ran an open mic night for all walks of life from singers to comediennes, beat boxers to poets. This night was so successful that it still runs today at the Carpe Diem. Sykes has gone on to do Radio and travel to different areas to promote herself and work with some great people. Her style of music included both rapping and singing.
As the weekend was growing to a close I felt a little disappointed, I was having a great time and it was passing too quickly.
The last day did not disappoint on the music front though as the weekend went out with a bang. When Majestics came on the main stage I was really in my element. Majestics is a Roots Rock Reggae Band fronted by Faadaras,(vocals) alongside Jimmy (guitar) Russel,(guitar and keys) Tony,(bass) Sam,(drums) They started out in the late 70s and have been around ever since. They took some time out in the 90s but are now back bigger and just as good as they were back then. They are now working on their first album with the message of love coming through their songs. I stayed and danced through the whole set that they played on the main stage with songs from artists such as Bob Marley. They performed with joyful energy and mingled with the crowd when they had finished. As the evening grew closer, the Bet Lynch tent was the perfect place to go to get out of the rain and a harpist playing music tranquil and easy listening was soothing to the senses.
Everybody gathered for the finale party, adults and children alike to the main stage to listen to the farewell joyous soulful Reverend Chunky who sent out a huge message of love through his songs to the enthralled Limetree Festival revellers.
This was augmented by Jilly Riley singing her message of racial Harmony joined by singer, songwriter, DJ and producer Robert Owens on stage (and anyone on the dance scene can tell you that they know his music). His more well known songs include Tears, I’ll be your friend and Ordinary people. Frank Benbini better known as one of the Fun Loving Criminals was on the drums. Frank has toured the world and has had many TV appearances. He had the opportunity to be anywhere in the world and he chose to be at Limetree, what a Legend!!
Together they made up The Limetree Family Affair, a lovely powerful, soulful, anthemic  and emotional end to a fantastic weekend the Limetree crowd danced whistled and cheered. There was unity and togetherness and friendship throughout the Limetree weekend and although this sounds a bit cliché I will definitely be coming back next year and I can’t wait to see what's in store for us then. Limetree was a fantastic memorable weekend and definitely one to be telling all my friends about.

Hannah Heaton and Jason Castle.