Saturday 29 September 2012

A pleasent evening at the White Swan in Yeadon

Last evening we called in at the White Swan in Yeadon where we were thoroughly entertained by a young artist Ricky Fleming. Ricky is a singer/songwriter/musician. He first picked up a guitar at the age of 17 and has been playing for the past 5 years. In June of this year he began to play in public. Since then he entered the Peace Mix competition and as a finalist travelled to Cornwall where he won the first prize which was to play at The Round House in London as support act to Tinchy Stryder. He also does covers, his favourite being "Fast Cars" by Tracy Chapman. With a voice of smoothest velvet and talented guitar playing he showcased his own songs with panache. A very promising young artist. One to watch. Click on play for a taster (unedited).
After a short break, the entertainment continued in a very different style when Ricky was joined on stage by Recaldo Fleming and Geoff Garrick belting out Reggae for the next hour which had the audience dancing in the aisles and swaying in their seats. We could have been at a beach party in Jamaica with the rum punches and sunshine. The time passed so quickly we were amazed when we were leaving and looked at the clock which said well after 11pm. Very satisfactory evening. Worth doing again.

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Sunday 9 September 2012

Modern Art In York

On a beautiful, warm Saturday afternoon (yesterday) my wife and I spent a cultured 2 hours looking at the exhibition which was given by various winners of prizes at various universities around the region. This is being held at Peasholme Green, just beyond Stonebow at the back of the Minster. There is a variety of exhibits from paintings to pottery and including a different slant on many everyday objects. Two that caught my eye were a painting by Bartosz Beda from Manchester Metropolitan University called "Human Needs". This to me gives an impression of a dining room with the bold vivid red strokes indicating a merge of activities which occur around the table at mealtimes.
The artist's own interpretation of this work

The second was a wax sphere which was created by artist Jamie Slater - an intriguing concept of an inner world of starlight shining on a variety of objects which draws the viewer into another place. Dark and moody on one hand yet peaceful, serene quality on the other. Standing back to view the whole the impression is of either an item rising through the floor or an object dropped gently from the skys - take your pick! We were able to chat to the artist, who is in her final year at Huddersfield University. She is now considering her next piece which may draw from her experience with the medium she has been working with in this project.

Jamie Slater with her exhibit

Jamie's summery of her sphere

This exhibition is on site until the end of November. Worth a visit.

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Saturday 8 September 2012

The Hollow- Review Monday August 26th 2012

With comfy chairs and salubrious bar, there's a certain easiness about the Jaz Cafe & Bar that makes listening to music so delightful.

Abo Vo
Rob Bywater from Cleethorpes singer songwriter, honest,melodic, harmonic, personal songs. Very enjoyable rhythmic and melodic runs on guitar. An authentic voice of pure Yorkshire with hints of resonant harmonics that hang like jewels of hidden nuance paralleling the lyrics of his songs. Also lead singer in the band The Finest Hour music .com

Next was Mark Martindale singer songwriter, individual rough and ready emphasised voice very laid back. Strong guitaring.

Next was Michael Farrah with a lovely range and deep resonant voice- comedic singer guitarist who you can find on MySpace and Tune co.

Then we were treated to Tom Stafford, from Brough who sang lovely songs particularly liked his version of dancing in the Moonlight, singer guitarist voice smooth with a touch of gravel

The band Abo Vo clear voice, good range resonant, rhythmic guitaring, lovely acoustic bass
interplay with improvisational feel, electric funk guitar, sweet lead playing and sparse jazzy keyboard riffs. Voice pure bell like with a drop of depth and resonance. Full on genre defying funky jazz rock.- Brill. 
Adam Davison singer songwriter guitarist from Cottingham. Powerfully resonant voice, good range lovely guitaring, picking riffs and rhythmic interplay,

ET 73 band, anthemic, sweet, resonant melodic voice harmonies; voice with edge, the other softer in harmonies.  Driving Cajun, rhythmic guitar, Rocking energetic and committed, relaxed and conversational with their audience.

Icarus, full on rock, covers of Thin Lizzy, David Bowie, Jimmy Hendrix, electric guitars, Bass, drums, strong vocals, raw beats galore.

......and of course wonderful sound management by Darren Bunting, we enjoyed our trip to Hull's 'The Hollow' acoustic night.

By Andrew Sugden
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