Friday 27 September 2013

Winston still Running- Review

Winston On The Run is on tour around the country in a series of one-night performances and when it
 Freddie Machin. Photo: Rebecca Pitt
arrives near you this is one not to miss. 

We were lucky enough to catch the performance in Leeds at The Cariageworks. This granted us a very pleasurable hour and a half in the company of Mr Freddie Machin as the young Winston Churchill at a time in his life which is not usually common knowledge. Young Winston is in a dark hole, on the run and on the edge of success or failure.

The minimal stage setting and sound effects were outstanding and the performance was brilliant.

The play was written by Freddie Machin and John Walton and was produced and directed by John Walton.

An added bonus was the question and answer session for half an hour following the performance explaining how the play came about and telling us something of the lives of those who created it.

Set, lighting and costume cleverly done by Martin Thomas. Music and sound brought the set to life by Harri Chambers.

We urge you to see this play. You will not be disappointed.
Next at Otley Courthouse (4 October).
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Denis Heaton
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