Wednesday 23 July 2014

The Winners are - - --

Rock schooldrummers
Isaac Haywood
 An amazing start to the Centre Stage Final as Rockschool drummers took the stage and gave a tremendous performance of their talents ably conducted by Isaac Haywood. Then to a crescendo of noise last years winners  King No-One  joined them on stage soon to be followed by the contestants:-
 Shupadum,Chickadees,Girlsondrugs,Bryony Drake,premonition,Random Behaviour,Oliver Pinder,Conflare,the Puppeteers,Arcarode,The Concetines and  demoralised who entertained us for the next 2 hours all hoping to claim the prize to play at Leeds and Reading Festival 2014. All these young bands have raised over £1000 each for Martin House Children's Hospice
   whilst the Judges made their deliberations  the supports keep up a constant chant hoping to sway the judges,
Random Behaviour
Eventually the results were in and all the bands were waiting with baited breath until  they were announced.
The Runners up were Conflare and Arcarode
The Winners were Girlsondrugs who received their certificate to a roar of approval from the audience.
Centre Stage registration for 2015 is open in September 2014
We will let you know how much was collected for Martin House when all the money has been collected

Bryony Drake
Oliver Pinder
The Puppeteers
We wish all the entrants well as they clearly all have a future and Congratulations yet again to girlsondrugs We are already looking forward to next years competition.
The Concetines

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