Thursday, 22 July 2010

Otley Street Festival

Eve and I stumbled across the Otley Street Festival on Sunday the 18th July, and spent a lovely few hours enjoying what proved to be a fun day out.

The Market place, Market Street and Newmarket featured all kinds of entertainment where stilt walkers delighted children and adults alike whilst a bouncy castle rang with excited bouncing kids. Punch & Judy drew a large crowd as they played out the traditional tale in dramatic razzmatazz style, just as gripping as ever. A living statue startled and entertained unsuspecting pedestrians.

And then there was music and dance all day featuring youth bands and musicians throughout the afternoon, followed by more established adult bands playing into the evening.

It was good to see a street festival showcasing and supporting local young people’s talents, giving young bands the opportunity to perform. Eve and I enjoyed watching song writing duo ‘hey Doris!’ with their evocative vocals and voice harmonies which they combined with intriguing lyrics and songs.

Local shops joined in the festivities and the Market place was alive with festival goers and shoppers enjoying communal fun and fellowship- all in all a lovely afternoon.

Andrew Sugden

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