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I Value The Arts- make your voice heard!!

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I Value the Arts -

Kate Adie. Photo by Steve BrockDear Friend,
I am so pleased that, like me, you are supporting I Value the Arts. The campaign aims to provide a voice for everyone who values the arts in their community and it has now received 16,430 pledges of support. This is great news, and a true reflection of how cultural services are an integral part of every community. However, in light of recent developments it is now more important than ever that everyone has the opportunity to sign up. I would like you to help raise the profile of the I Value the Arts campaign and get more people involved. It is vital that you get in touch with as many people as you can and ask them to pledge their support at

As you may know, the recent Comprehensive Spending Review left local councils facing an average cut of 28 per cent. The non-statutory status of local funding for cultural services has meant that the arts sector is left vulnerable to bear the brunt of these local authority cuts.

Unfortunately last month, Somerset County Council became the first local authority to announce that it was axing all of its arts funding. Not only has this signalled a cultural decline for the county itself, it has also set a precedent for other local authorities to follow suit.
The arts are an easy target for cuts, and the repercussions of Somerset _ s decision are already being felt. Darlington Borough Council is preparing to withdraw the subsidy from Darlington Civic Theatre and the Darlington Arts Centre; which may lead to their closure, as it attempts to trim £22m from its £107m budget. The arts in Rochdale are also facing significant cuts, as budgets for all parts of the arts and heritage service are to be severely reduced, often by 50 per cent.

To prevent lasting damage being done to the arts, I Value the Arts has given supporters in affected areas relevant and useful information about plans for the arts in their community with practical suggestions about how they can make a difference. Of course, the more signatories we have, the more people there are to take action. So please, forward this email to as many people as you can and ask them to pledge their support at:

The more support we have the louder our voice and the louder we shout the more likely we are to be heard.

For more information about the campaign, go to or you can call the National Campaign for the Arts on 020 7287 3777

Thanks for your support
Kate Adie
Chair, National Campaign for the Arts

I Value the Arts - 
I Value the Arts is a campaign managed by:
National Campaign for the Arts
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The NCA is the UKs only independent campaigning organisation representing all the arts. We do not receive any core subsidy from the public or political purse and are funded by our members to carry out our vital lobbying and advocacy work. If you would like to learn more about NCA membership please visit our website to find out why people join and the benefits of becoming a member.  

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