Monday, 21 June 2010

Denis's Diary for Beverley Festival Day Three

Up bright and early to attend the Festival Service at St Nicholas's Church, Beverley. This was an illuminating and spiritually uplifting service (and definitely different!) Music and choir wonderfully provided by members of the Folk Festival with participation from regular congregation and visitors alike.

Later we were joined by Andrew and Eve on the village green where we munched on bacon and egg sandwiches sitting in the sunshine (out at last) whilst being entertained by events occurring on the green.

The four of us then went to an audience with Tony Benn and Roy Bailey which was informative and amusing at the same time. Hats off to these two Old Timers. Long may they continue to deliver their message.

Just in time we managed to catch Ella and the Escapades for an informal interview before we watched them play. This band won a place at Glastonbury in a "Battle of the Bands", a competition held country-wide for a coveted chance to play the main stage at the world famous festival.

We spent some time walking around the site talking to a variety of people who were out enjoying the Festival. Andrew was by now winding down and indulged in a nice cold beer. Mmmmmm. I happened upon Anne-Marie who brightened up all the stages and other venues with her beautiful flower arrangements and I found out that she was the official florist and this was her first Festival. She can be contacted on

In the Concert Marquee we were entertained by Charlie Dore & The Hula Valley Orchestra. A great scoop by the Yorkshire Gig Guide! During their performance - whilst we were filming- they were joined on stage by the wonderful Barbara Dickson who gave an impromptu performance with her friend Charlie.

Back to the PeaceCake Cafe for Alison and I for lamb korma. Andrew and Eve went to the burger tent. A rich variety of faire being available at this Festival.
As the evening - and indeed the Festival- drew to a close Alison and I attended the final concert in the main hall, whilst Eve and Andrew went to cover events in the Wold Top and the Acoustic Marquees.

We enjoyed our concert which consisted of Tyde (a young trio, fresh on the music scene playing country music from around the British Isles), followed by Alison's favourite performers of the weekend The Black Umfolosi 5. These were an internationally known group from Zimbabwe who sang their own traditional songs and dances along with a very humorous "send up" of the European summer, adapting the Zimbabwean dance to the open-topped convertible and mini-skirt! A group not to be missed if they are in your area.

The final act was given to a packed, sell-out audience by The Proclaimers. They received a rousing reception and delighted their eager audience with their performance.
After this we said our "good byes" to Andrew and Eve and headed for the motorway and home.

The Yorkshire Gig Guide would like to thank the Festival Committee for such a wonderful, well organised and friendly Festival, Martha the Press Liaison Officer for all her help and kindness over the weekend, all the artists who gave up their valuable time to give us interviews and not forgetting all the stewards, car park attendants and other volunteers who were most helpful with our endless enquiries.

Andrew (Editor in Chief of Yorkshire Gig Guide) and Alison (Eigle Film Productions) will be compiling all the interviews and events which took place over the weekend. Keep an eye on the Yorkshire Gig Guide to see them as soon as they appear.

That's it folks!
Looking forward to next year.
Denis Heaton

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